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Panel Filter

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Specification G3 G4
Filter Material Polyester Fiber Polyester Fiber
Frame Material Galvanized Sheet Galvanized Sheet
Max Working Temperatures 80°C 80°C
Efficiency 80%-90% 90%<
Air Flow (m^3/h) Dimensions (mm) Pressure Drop (Pa)
2100 287x592x48 40
2800 400x625x48 50
2800 500x500x48 50
3600 500x625x48 75
4000 592x592x48 85
2100 287x592x96 50
2800 400x625x96 70
2800 500x500x96 70
3600 500x625x96 90
4000 592x592x96 100
*Be used 3,2 m/s value for all our products.


  • General
  • Technical

Industrial ventilation and air conditioning plants.

Pre filtration and separation of coarse and thinner particulates,

Spray paint booths

Pre filtration and separation of particles wherever minimum obstructions are required.

Ventilation and conditioning in the pharmeceutical and photographic industry,

Air treatment plants and filter walls,


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