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Hepa Filter

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Specification H10 H13 H14
Filter Material Fiber Glass Fiber Glass Fiber Glass
Frame Material MDF and Aluminium MDF and Aluminium MDF and Aluminium
Max Working Temperature 70°C 70°C 70°C
Efficiency >85% >99.95% >99.995%
Initial Pressure Drop 80Pa 100Pa 125Pa
Finally Pressure Drop 600Pa 600Pa 600Pa
Air Flow (m^3/h) Dimensions(mm)
250 305x305x78
500 305x610x78
600 457x457x78
750 457x610x78
1000 610x610x78
1250 610x762x78
1500 610x915x78
2000 610x220x78
  • General
  • Technical

Ventilation and conditioning in the electronics, pharmaceutical and food industry.

Atmosphere control in hospitals, laboratories, clean rooms, processing data centres.


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