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Activated Carbon Cassette Filters

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Activated Carbon Cassette Filters

Filter Material Frame Material Max Working Temp. Efficiency Classification
Activated Carbon Galvanized Sheet 700C 80-90% Activated Carbon
Dimension(mm) 287x592x48 400x625x48 500x500x48 500x625x45 592x592x48 287x592x96 400x625x96 500x500x96 500x625x96 592x592x96
Air Flow (m3/h) 1570 2330 2310 2860 3240 1840 2730 2730 3380 3790
Pressure(Pa) 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 80

  • General
  • Technical

APPLICATION • Absorbs odor and gas in air improvement and air conditioning plants, 

With easy installation, can be turned into large filtration unit that absorbs gas, odor and pollution in domestic household and technical fields. Used as preliminary filter for general ventilation and air conditioning plants with high capacity absorption of especially dry dust and odors.

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