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About Us

With this slogan, trying to turn the better into the best, a goal which we have set since the beginning by bringing together the best people from the sector, we embarked on a journey in the year 2013 as AFT Filters Incorporated.
With increase in climate change and the need for purified high quality air, the dependancy for filtration systems is becoming more and more apparent everyday.

With health related regulations being updating continuously; the importance of using particle purifying filtration systems in order to provide a hygienic climate and lower infection risk in sectors such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, energy, aviation and construction; and by extension cleanrooms, hospitals, laboratories, operating rooms, intensive care centers, food production centers has become abundantly clear.

Without skipping a beat on quality on our G2 class filters up to U17 class filters, we have considered it our mission to ourselves and to our country to guarantee the highest attainable standards in all of our products within our portfolio. 

At our headquarters, we continue to expand our manufacturing capacity and R&D efforts through University-Private sector partnership. 

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